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Julie Mecklenburg


Julie Mecklenburg is Of Counsel in the firm's Maui office and a member of the Transactional Practice Group. Ms. Mecklenburg concentrates her practice on real estate, business and financing transactions.

Prior to joining Carlsmith Ball, her career included in-house and government positions domestically and abroad, in addition to private practice. She has represented a wide variety of clients, including real estate owners, developers and investors, venture capital and private equity firms, governmental entities, and private companies on complex and day-to-day matters arising at all stages of the business life cycle.

Real Estate & Infrastructure Project Development

  • Represented city government in agreements with library district for planning and joint development of two projects incorporating parks, open space, libraries and a community center
  • Represented governmental entity in negotiation of agreements for joint development and maintenance of three new commuter train line stations with regional transportation district
  • Represented county government in planning and development of 276-acre residential community; managed entitlement process and contracts for financing, design, construction, staging, marketing and sales of first phase, including 91 single family homes and bungalows and recreational facilities
  • Represented homebuilder and prepared management and constituent documents in connection with development of multi-phased mixed-use development including 139 single family homes, 122 condominiums and park and recreational facilities on 130 acres
  • Represented residential developer in preparation of management and constituent documents in connection with development of a master planned community consisting of eight phases of condominiums, affordable and market rate apartments, attached townhouses, retail space and recreational facilities

Real Estate Acquisition and Financing Transactions

  • Represented commercial property owner in seller-financed sale of medical facility​
  • Represented real estate investment management firm in sale of a 40-story office building
  •  Represented real estate investment management firm in sale of a 1.06 million square foot shopping center
  • Represented real estate firm in acquisition of 17-story office building
  • Represented real estate investment management firm in sale of 440,000 square foot shopping center
  • Represented private equity fund in refinancing of 36-story office building

Real Estate Leasing and Management

  • Negotiated and drafted lease agreements and amendments for numerous multi-tenant commercial and retail property owners​•    Assisted with management of properties for major national retailer, including leasing and acquisitions and dispositions of properties; negotiated settlements of landlord claims relating to leases rejected by client in connection with bankruptcy/restructuring
  • Assisted with management of properties of hospitality-focused real estate investment trust, including purchase of luxury resort and transfer of hotel management contracts
  • Represented national telecommunications company in management of real property; drafted and negotiated leases, subleases and lease extensions for retail, equipment and office space nationwide
  • Negotiated and documented property use agreements for municipal government
  • Negotiated and drafted leases, licenses and facility use agreements for retail, office, commercial and industrial space for early-stage companies
  • Negotiated and drafted leases, licenses and facility use agreements for retail, office, commercial and industrial space

Mergers & Acquisitions; Joint Ventures

  • Represented company-owned health care system in joint venture with preeminent school of medicine
  • Represented symmetric DSL technology company in its acquisition for $315 million; managed due diligence and negotiation and drafting of merger agreement and ancillary documents
  • Represented customer interaction software company in $75.5 million stock swap merger with another customer relationship management software company; reviewed and produced due diligence materials; negotiated and revised merger agreement and ancillary documents
  • Represented software company in acquisition of information technology education and consulting company; reviewed due diligence materials; assisted in drafting merger agreement and ancillary documents
  • Represented software company in $10.7 million acquisition of provider of analytic solutions for B2B digital marketplaces; led due diligence team in diligence review
  • Represented semiconductor design company in acquisition by semiconductor company for $45 million; managed due diligence materials and negotiation of ancillary merger documents

Venture Capital/Private Equity Financing

  • Led legal team responsible for ramp-up and deployment of $200 million double-bottom-line domestic venture capital subsidiary of Saudi Aramco. Created template library, developed innovative investment instruments, established processes, and advised investment committee. Negotiated and drafted all documentation for a multitude of deals including
  • Seed investment of $400,000 in indoor navigation technology company
  • Seed and Series A investments totaling $1.1 million in 3D aerial scanning and modeling company
  • Series A investment of $1.9 million in an information technology telematics company
  • Series A investment in fintech payment processing and fraud prevention company
  • Convertible note investment in food delivery start up
  • Represented hospitality online marketplace company in proposed $30 million venture capital investment by resort chain; produced diligence materials; revised documents
  • Represented healthcare technology company in angel round financing; drafted and negotiated equity purchase and ancillary documents
  • Represented enterprise management software company in $34 million Series B financing; drafted and revised equity purchase and ancillary documents
  • Represented private equity firm in $47 million leveraged buyout of national trucking and logistics company; involved in drafting of financing and equity purchase documents and ancillary agreements; coordinated and conducted due diligence review

Asset Purchase & Sale

  • Represented waste management company in acquisition of assets of competitor; negotiated and drafted letter of intent, asset purchase agreement and all ancillary documents 
  • Represented restaurant business owner in acquisition of assets of another restaurant; negotiated and drafted asset purchase agreement and all ancillary documents and handled transfer of liquor license
  • Represented temporary staffing company in sale of assets; reviewed and revised purchase documents; coordinated production of due diligence documentation

Land Use and Zoning; HOA

  • Represented governmental entities in negotiation and drafting of developers’ agreements with conditions for large-scale projects
  • Conducted land use diligence review for acquisition of resort property by real estate investment trust
  • Represented city in negotiation and documentation of property use agreements and acquisitions of temporary and permanent utility, transportation, and access and right-of-way easements, avoiding eminent domain actions
  • Compiled zoning and land use diligence reports for developers on various target properties
  • Represented planning commission in consideration of applications for variances and use permits, including contested case hearings
  • Represented property owners in disputes regarding use of properties under HOA rules
  • Represented developers in formation of owners’ associations and preparation of conditions, covenants and restrictions and other governing documents

Real Estate Lending/Affordable Housing Gap Financing

  • Negotiated and documented municipality’s investments from $150 million affordable housing fund into a multitude of housing developments, including the following:
    • $3 million investment in new apartment community producing 252 affordable units
    • $2.6 million investment in new apartment complex producing 180 affordable units
    • $1.6 million investment into new apartment complex producing 103 affordable units and permanent supportive housing
    • $2.6 million investment in apartment building renovation producing 188 affordable units
    • $1.8 million investment in new home development producing 32 for-sale affordable paired homes
    • multiple other investments in projects producing more than 700 additional affordable units

Other Transactional, Commercial & Litigation Experience

Commercial Contracting & Procurement

  • Represented internal departments of large multinational company in negotiation of commercial contracts, licenses, software as a service (SaaS) contracts and professional services agreements
  • Advised government leadership on procurement procedures, contracting requirements and contract enforcement matters

Corporate Maintenance

  • Formed and effectuated corporate entity reorganizations for various client entities​
  • Documented issuance and transfers of membership interests and stocks
  • Served as secretary, assistant secretary and legal counsel to numerous boards, commissions, and committees; prepared agendas, minutes, and resolutions, and handled other formalities
  • Formed, organized, and issued founders’ stock for several start-up companies
  • Advised several entities on day-to-day legal issues including employment agreements, stock option issuances, warrants, stock transfers, intellectual property protection


  • Represented local governmental entity in tax disputes with major corporate taxpayers​
  • Represented local governmental entity in several contractor disputes before state hearings officer
  • Conducted research and drafted pleadings, briefs and motions on behalf of governmental entity as plaintiff in arbitration and litigation in fraud and breach of contract claim
  • Represented government entity in Section 8 housing claims (administrative hearings and appeals)
  • Drafted California fairness hearing documentation and prepared witnesses for hearings
  • Negotiated settlement of bankruptcy claims by landlords on behalf of department store chain
  • Managed outside counsel’s representation of governmental entities and companies in various claims and lawsuits


  • Represented city in preparation and implementation of ADA Transition Plan​•    Advised internal client departments and subsidiaries on compliance and risk management matters
  • Drafted legislation and regulations to comply with budgeting standards and reporting requirements of a foreign government’s Compact of Free Association with the United States
  • Advised law firm clients regarding compliance with securities laws, labor laws, affordable housing regulations and reporting requirements


  • Drafted and reviewed employment agreements for a variety of public and private entities​

Intellectual Property

  • Advised clients and drafted documentation regarding the protection, licensing and transfer of intellectual property rights


  • Advised government officials and police regarding enforcement of fishing rights in the Federated States of Micronesia​


  • Advised company divisions and subsidiaries regarding development and revision of policies, procedures, and standard terms and templates
  • Provided advice to variety of governmental and private boards, committees, and commissions and assisted with enforcement of procedural rules
  • Advised city and county council members regarding the law and their rights and duties; drafted legislation, resolutions, and policies
  • Worked closely with the President, Vice President and members of Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM), providing advice and counsel on a wide variety of matters
  • Provided advice and counsel to the FSM’s Economic Policy Implementation Council


  • Hawaii State Bar Association
  • Colorado Women’s Bar Association