Practice Areas

Administrative & Regulatory

Unique environmental, preservation, land and water issues in Hawaii present a number of political, governmental and regulatory challenges for developers and corporations. 

As the oldest law firm in Hawaii, Carlsmith Ball has a long history of navigating the legal landscape and working successfully with federal, state and county government agencies. Our Administrative Law and Regulatory Law Practice Group provides solutions that make it possible for clients to successfully achieve their business objectives in Hawaii.

Our attorneys advise clients on the following administrative and regulatory legal issues:

  • Federal, state and county regulatory compliance in diverse subject areas¬†
  • Initiation of regulatory proceedings, including filing a complaint for relief or a petition for rulemaking
  • Applications for regulatory project permits or approvals
  • Administrative agency contested case proceedings, including judicial appeals of agency decisions
  • Public-private partnership for specific projects
  • Assisting with the procurement of government contracts with federal, state and county agencies